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Delaire Graff Estate shop Africa Nova

Chris Bladen, Cape Robin on a Rock

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South Africa, 2019
Patinated bronze, edition no. 15/25
18cm H x 13cm L

Chris Bladen is a Cape Town-based artist with a keen interest in the natural world. As an avid bird-watcher and catch-and-release fisherman, he strives to capture the essence of each species, the nuances of their movement and subtleties of their outline, bringing them to life in bronze. Growing up, Bladen’s father trained young artists in stone carving, which exposed him to art and sculpture early on and allowed him to develop a keen eye for detail.

The Cape Robin-chat, with its distinctive orange breast and pale grey belly, is a delightful sight in the springtime garden and has been voted one of South Africa’s favourite birds. This sculpture, a limited edition of 25, is one of Bladen’s personal favourites.