Delaire Graff Estate Spa, Jardine de Delaire

Jardin de Delaire Bath Discovery Set

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Bathing offers many physiological benefits, from dilating blood vessels and lowering stress-induced blood pressure, to relaxing the adrenal glands and nervous system. 

Our Jardin de Delaire Bath Discovery Set offers you the opportunity to create a comforting, spa experience in the comfort of your home. Our Jardin de Delaire range combine exquisitely curated ingredients to create a nourishing, sensory experience on-skin, in-bath and in the atmosphere to invoke and support the body’s natural healing abilities, while leaving your body subtly perfumed.  Our rose-infused Knesko collagen mask with a shimmer of diamond dust, will leave your skin bright, tight and deeply hydrated.

Set Includes:

1 X Tea Light Candle

1 X Bath Oil

1 X Body Butter

1 X Burner Oil

1 X Knesko Diamond face mask


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